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Hashtag - you're it!
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Why Bother With Hashtags? Well, were going to find out!
OK, we've heard of hashtags (#) for a couple years now, being used mostly in social media. But how can it help us railroad enthusiasts?? Well, its a way of quickly indexing a post so your followers can keep up to date on the news of favorite topics. The Friends of the 457 will experiment with this a bit to see if it can be helpful for promoting the work we do on Facebook and from our website. Tagging helps Google or any search engine quickly locate and display all items hashtagged, such as #CannonballDay or #Friendsofthe457.  Type those exactly as you see them into Facebooks search bar and you will find all posts that contain that hashtag.  In the case of YouTube, videos also have an opportunity to be tagged when we upload new material.  If one of the Friends should post a picture of the locomotive on their own Facebook profile, they might label it #MSTL457. Watch for these tags at the end of postings so you are aware of the active tags we are using.
It is worth noting that these tags may not be unique to us, so other non-relevant content may show up in your search.