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Important Fall 2023 Meeting
Event Date:
Event Time:
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
 Calendar Details:
The Friends of the 457 will meet next Monday evening Sept 18 at the Mason City Public Library, 5:30 pm in the large study room in the hallway.
Agenda: Friends of the 457 Pathway to the Future.
Up for discussion:
- 2023 Christmas decorations.
- Rotary Cannonball needed maintenance.
- Rotary Cannonball Fog and sound system.
- Need for Volunteer Coordinator.
- Improving the visitors experience.
- Sales depot cleaning and improving sales.
- Cannonball Day planning.
- Cannonball Gardens Zones. New Plantings. New ideas.
- Need a Facebook and website manager. Cliff Hagman has been doing it from Seattle. He'd like to turn it over to a local person.
- Planning the Friends of the 457 future experience.

I know this looks like a lot to go over in an hour, but we'll keep it short and move right along. Please try and make the meeting if you can. We'll try and have three o four of these meeting during 2024 to keep up on what is happening and get new ideas.

Dennis Wilson: Chairman Friends of the 457